Homemade Italian or Balsamic Dressing

This week, we will explore homemade dressings. Today, the topic of Italian dressings. Please send in your comments on your Italian Dressings. In my opinion, the best way to make an Italian dressing is to simply explore flavor with taste. The two main ingredients:

Oil (preferablly extra virgin olive oil, next canola oil if needed)

Vinegar (balsamic and apple cidar work great!)

Aside of these, you will need seasonings and spices to fit your desired taste. Great starters are salt, pepper, sugar, garlic powder and onion powder. These alone will make an excellent flavor. You can also throw in garlic and onion raw, but you might want to consider mixing it in the blender in order to chop up all of the pieces.

Other great additions to this dressing are mustard powder, basil, a small amount of ketchup, lemon or lime juice.these are just examples. Play around with it! This will keep for a long time, but I would recommend only make enough to last no more than 1-2 weeks to maintain optimum freshness.