Salad Dressings

Today I'm going to discuss the topic of making your own salad dressing. The following are all reasons to make your own salad dressings:

Excellent Taste. Homemade salad dressings beat store-bought dressings any day of the week.

You can make them to fit your taste. You can not only get creative with different tastes but you can leave out nasty ingredients.

High Quality. If you use high quality raw ingredients, you know your end product will be high quality. By making your own dressings, you also do not have to add any type of preservative, which in itself makes your food higher quality.

Save Money. Making your own dressings saves money - no question about it.

Longer lasting. While store bought dressings have preservatives to make them have a relatively long shelf life - that preservative is not particularly healthy - like we mentioned. The raw ingredents needed to make your own dressings are usually very long lasting (in particular dressings such as Italian, which consists mainly of an oil, a vinegar, and herbs).

Buying the raw ingredients in bulk is a great way to build up food storage for not only salad dressings, but for other food too, and you can have fresh dressings any time or you can can them too!