Best Drone For GoPro (Updated March 2018)

You either Go Pro or you Go Home (I'm so pun-tastic!). When it comes to action cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is the GoPro. The camera certainly lives up to its name when it comes to taking marvelous photos even in the most extreme conditions.

Sure, you have the a great GoPro, but how can you take your photography to the next level?

You know the sky’s (literally) the limit but do you actually have something to take your GoPro up?

The GoPro may be tough and all, that but surely one wouldn’t survive a drop from extreme heights so read on and we’ll find you the best drone for GoPro.

best drones for go pro

Best Drone For Go Pro: Our Top Picks


- Best Value -

contixo f18

Price: $$$

Rated By Oyo-Oyo

Great overall drone. Good as gifts for photographers.


- The Top Choice -

dji phantom 4

Price: $$$

Rated By Oyo-Oyo

Perfect for professionals willing to invest in a great drone.


- Most Affordable -

altair aerial blackhawk

Price: $$$

Rated By Oyo-Oyo

A budget-friendly, beginner to intermediate level drone.

DJI Phantom

Overall Best Drone For Go Pro Camera

Made for taking pictures to new heights, the DJI Phantom glides smoothly like a ghost which is why it is on top of our list:

Quick Summary

  • Great for professionals that are willing to invest in a good photography drone.
  • 15 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Tested with Hero2, Hero3, Hero 3+
  • 300m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
DJI Phantom

The Phantom is literally a smart drone boasting an intelligent orientation control which allows you to fly it from a reference point making cool sweeping camera motions.

This feature gives the Phantom an edge over other drones because it allows you to do more and still get crisp fine aerial shots.

Another thing I love is its battery life. 15 freakin' minutes of continuous flying even with the added weight of the GoPro is rare with drones nowadays. Plus, you can fly it away for 300 meters and it is still responsive.

Although it is a bit pricey for a quadcopter in its category, the thing I love the most about the Phantom is the availability of upgrade options for both software and hardware - proving why the Phantom is not only a photography drone but a great investment as well.


  • Good Interface (IOC, GPS positioning, etc). Perfect for making the perfect shot.
  • Decent air-time despite added weights.
  • The mount fits snuggly with the GoPro.


  • Very pricey for a Photography drone.
  • WiFi streaming not possible because of interference.
  • Not beginner friendly.

Here's a MASSIVE review of the Phantom 4:

If you're convinced you can get the DJI Phantom here.

Altair Aerial Blackhawk

Best Drone For GoPro Hero 3 & Hero 4

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk brings the military feels to commercial drones - not only is its name based on a famous helicopter, it also sports the military's classic green and black colors.

Quick Summary

  • Beginner to Intermediate level
  • 15-17 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Slight difficulty in mounting GoPros
  • 300m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
altair aerial blackhawk

But it’s not all about looks on this drone; The Altair Aerial Blackhawk takes your GoPro to long flights with a decent 16-minute airtime.

The Blackhawk is also decent when it comes to long-range flying. The advertised 300 meters sure lives up to its name. I tried to push it further to 400 meters but when I saw lapses in response time, I decided to book it home.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something to level up from entry-level drones, the Blackhawk is definitely your Bird.


  • User and Beginner friendly (Despite being an intermediate-grade drone).
  • Affordable for a drone in this category.
  • Sleek and Classic Design.


  • Had difficulty pairing the drone with the transmitter.
  • Slight difficulty with mounting the GoPro.
  • The controller is a bit sensitive so you have to be extra careful.

The MJX Bugs 3: The Quadcopter with a Buzz

The MJX Bugs 3 is a fairly decent drone. Pricing just a bit over the hundred dollar mark, the Bugs 3 doubles as a fun drone to play with because it also can do 360 flips and turns.

Quick Summary

  • Features an Emergency Warning System ensuring safer flights.
  • 15 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Tested with Hero2, Hero3, Hero 3+
  • 300m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
mjx bugs 3

Coupled with strong brushless motors, the MJX Bugs 3 is mostly stable in mid-flight.

The feature I like here is its Emergency Warning System. The controller just lets you know when your drone is too tired or too far away so you’d know when to call her back.

This is perfect for people who get carried away with the joy of flying. I really can’t blame you guys though.

However, the main issue with it is its charger. Normal charging time is usually 5 hours, but the charger that comes with the MJX Bugs 3 is really just not doing the job. So if you’re thinking of buying this you should consider having a dedicated charger instead.

All in all, the package comes with an extra battery and flies just as far as any drone which makes more than a fair trade for the price.


  • Has an Emergency Early Warning system.
  • Powerful motors guarantee stability.
  • Mount compatible with most GoPro camera models.


  • Bad Charger. Trust me.
  • Propeller guards. Not really guarding and they’re pretty much prone to distortion.
  • Difficulty syncing with the transmitter at first.

Contixo F18

Drone With The FREE Camera

The Contixo F18’s camera is great. The camera, having a maximum of 1080P resolution, ensures you get a crisp shot with every snap. Plus it comes with anapp!

Quick Summary

  • Great overall drone. Good as gifts for photographers.
  • 16 Minutes Flight Time 
  • 1080P Full HD cam, w/ Wi-Fi FPV function, comes with an app
  • 500m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
contixo f18

Except that’s probably why the drone is last on our list. In a list of the Best Drone for GoPro, we are looking for drones which can best handle our GoPro cameras.

The Contixo F18 is a bit pricey compared to most of the drones on our list. The features are good though.

The F18 is equipped with an alarm that goes off when the battery is low or when the transmitter is starting to get choppy.

Weighing 0.73 lbs (334g), the Contixo F18 has enough weight to ensure stability during strong winds but the weight kind of puts it at an 11-12 minute flight time which falls short of other drones.


  • Has a free 4K Reso Camera
  • Stable when flying
  • Equipped with an early warning system


  • Very short Flight range
  • Short flight time at 12 minutes tops.
  • Expensive

F100 Ghost

A Drone With A Strong Kick

Priced a little over $200, the F100 Ghost comes with its own 1080P camera.

Quick Summary

  • Weighs ~1lbs, making it a little shaky and weak.
  • 20 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Comes with it's own 1080p camera
  • 500m (tested at 350m) Control Range
  • Price: $$$
f100 ghost

The F100 Ghost weighs around 1 pound which makes it handy and easy to carry around. The Ghost is said to fly at 500m but I was only able to test it at around 350 or so and it still works fine. You can also customize the color with its interchangeable shells.

The F100 flies for a good 20 minutes without the GoPro but only around 12 when it’s mounted. However, the package comes with an extra battery which kind of doubles your flying time.

Although the F100 has decent features, it’s really difficult to keep in the air especially on a windy day. Aside from that, the handling of this drone is quite difficult when your mount is shaky. Makes you want to fly low with the fear of your GoPro kissing the ground.


  • Comes with a free camera.
  • Has an extra battery.
  • Decent transmission range.


  • Doesn’t fare well during strong winds.
  • Again with these propeller guards.
  • Stability issues with the GoPro mount.

GoPro Karma Drone

Best Drone For GoPro Hero 5

Quick Summary

  • Comes with a compact case and Karma Grip
  • 18-20 Minutes Flight Time
  • Works with Hero 4 Silver (but needs Hero 4 harness) and Hero 5
  • 900m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
GoPro Karma Drone

Karma is more than a drone. Whether you want to take footages in the air, handheld, or body-worn, it goes with you.

Karma comes with a Karma Grip that can mount your GoPro perfectly.

While the drone lets you capture footages in the air, the Karma Grip allows you to capture your biking, hiking, riding and even body-mounted footages.

And when you travel, you get to keep it safe since it’s foldable as it comes with a compact and lightweight case.

It also has a versatile stabilizer that can be detached from the drone and attached to the Karma grip. This allows a very smooth and stable capturing of footages and images.

Generally, it’s great for beginners since it features a built-in tutorial and a one-key take-off and landing.

While it’s built to reach 900 meters for its flight range, I experience a lot of connectivity issues along the way.


  • Versatile stabilizer ensures ultimate stability
  • Beginner friendly
  • Long flight range


  • Too expensive
  • Not durable
  • Has connectivity issues

3DR Solo Drone

Best Drone For GoPro Hero 4

The 3DR Solo Drone offers real-time wireless video streaming from your GoPro to your tablets and mobile devices.

Quick Summary

  • Powered by two 1GHz computers
  • 15-18 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Works with Hero 3+ and Hero 4
  • 800m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
3DR Solo Drone

Marketed as the world’s smartest drone today due to its two 1GHz computers.

These twin computers allow the drone to capture better aerial photography. Also, it offers in-flight GoPro access. You can start or stop recording and adjust camera settings on the ground with the use of the Solo Gimbal.

But, here’s the catch - Solo Gimbal is sold separately and (if you’d ask me) has the same price as the quadcopter! So, you better prepare yourself for the costs because, without the Gimbal, this would just be a simple drone to be flown.

Nevertheless, 3DR Solo Drone along with Gimbal provides smart flight movements that can enhance your photography skills. These include the Orbit, Follow Me, Selfie, and Cable Cam features.

It comes with a full-featured app but there are a few software issues at times. The dedicated app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. And these devices can be mounted on the video-game style controller.


  • Unique photography features
  • Beginner-friendly; Drone is easy to fly
  • Durable


  • Solo Gimbal must be purchased to be used as a GoPro Drone
  • Expensive
  • Bad customer support service; It’s a nightmare!

Ionic Stratus Drone

A Very Inexpensive Drone for GoPro

The Ionic Stratus Drone is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras but I would consider this as the best drone for GoPro Hero 6!

Quick Summary

  • 6-axis-gyro-system-based drone
  • 10 Minutes Flight Time 
  • Works with all GoPro Hero models
  • 150m Control Range
  • Price: $$$
Ionic Stratus Drone

Ionic Stratus Drone features the 6 axis gyro system. In theory, it should absorb shock and provide ultimate stability during flight. But in my experience, it can get shaky at times especially on windy days.

And there are times that my footages are greatly affected.

But for a hundred-dollar drone, more or less, it’s a pretty decent drone for a GoPro especially if you are a beginner in the flying field. It features one-key return, headless mode, various movement control functions, one-key roll, and 3D roll functions.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a GoPro drone, this is a great match. However, Ionic Stratus Drone does not provide GPS features and other advanced features that any mid-range drone could offer.

Nevertheless, it is made durable with a solid build quality. It has a great lift and a very efficient speed too.


  • Very affordable
  • Cheap spare parts and batteries
  • Easy to use and fly


  • Control range is too short
  • Does not have GPS
  • The shock mount is not good

Factors When Picking The Best Drone For GoPro

GoPro’s aren’t exactly the cheapest cameras on the block. Along with the quality and durability, they are pretty much expensive. So for the best action camera, the best drone for GoPro must also be ready to handle it. 

There are a lot of factors to take into account when picking the best drone for GoPro, but here are the musts for you to make the most out of your money.

Stability and Security

Stability is probably the most important factor in picking the drone of your choice. Whether it comes to filming, taking a photo, or just plain flying, having your drone hover just fine is enough.

Your drone has to have the right amount of...


Of course, the security of your GoPro is also a top priority. As long as the GoPro fits snugly and securely in the mount, you can rest assured that your GoPro won’t take shaky footage or even slip off the drone. You don’t want to be the person whose GoPro fell to the ground, do you?


The drone’s battery life is important too. With the added weights of the camera, the mount, and the guard rails, these will surely stress the drone’s ability to fly for longer periods.

When selecting the top drone for your GoPro, it’s important to see that despite these added weights, your drone can still fly for a decent amount of time so you can get that long continuous aerial shot you always wanted.


Along with your drone flying stably for a long time, it is also important that your drone can be easily maneuvered.

Maneuverability is important in taking the perfect shot. It is imperative for your drone to be able to glide smoothly as if it’s moving on a railroad for you to be able to position your GoPro where you want it and to take the perfect moving shot.

Lastly, ease of controlling and moving your drone will give you less time worrying and more time enjoying your photography experience.

My Verdict

Overall, I picked the DJI Phantom to trust with my GoPro camera.

Admittedly yes it is a bit expensive compared to the other models, but seeing its specs and features, you really do get what you pay for.

It’s not only built to be a great drone for GoPro physically speaking, but it also has the necessary software features to greatly enhance your GoPro experience.

The DJI Phantom is built to be dynamic. It allows room for upgrades so that your drone will not be easily rendered obsolete and you can have more features added to your drone minus the hassle and expense of buying a new one.


We have certainly come a long way in photography. From using powder, to the use of films, to the digital age, and to literally taking photography to the skies.

With advancements in drone technology, we no longer need a helicopter to give us beautiful aerial shots. Even normal folks outside the film industry can make spectacular shots of sceneries with the help of a camera like the GoPro and a powerful drone that can take your photography to the next level.

Picking one off the shelves is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack simply because you might not know what you will get. Reading this guide will save you a lot of time in reading those fine prints and potentially spending money on trial and error attempts.

So make the most out of your GoPro and pick the drone of your choice off the list and sure enough, you’ll be Going Pro (heh) in no time.